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23 June 2024   03:15 AM
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Use this screen to order multiple products at once. Enter the quantity that you want to order for the respective products and scroll down to place your order.

This screen shows brief details of each product. Should you need more information, click on any of the products. A pop-up screen will appear that provides you with full details. Move your mouse over the product name to see a description.
 Baby Care
Code Product Price Order
BAB001 Baby Balm 50ml R42
BAB002 Baby Bottom 50ml R42
BAB003 Baby Oil 100ml No perfume R42
BAB004 Baby Shampoo 100ml R42
 Bath Care
Code Product Price Order
BAT001 Bath Oil 200ml No perfume R53
BOD001 Body Scrub 200ml No perfume R50
GLO001 Exfoliating (Friction) Gloves One size R45
GLY001 Glycerine Soap 15 g R8
GLY001 Glycerine Soap 100 g No perfume R32
HAI001 Hair & Body Wash 200ml No perfume R54
LIQ001 Liquid Body Wash Bitter 200ml No perfume R54
LUX001 Luxury Foam Bath 200ml No perfume R54
BOD999 Pearly Jasmin Hand Wash 200 ml R54
SHO002 Shower Gel - Gents 225ml Perfume R54
SHO001 Shower Gel - Ladies 225ml R54
 Body Care
Code Product Price Order
DEO002 AloeDeo 50ml No perfume R53
CEL001 Cel-u-lite Gel (NP) 150ml R80
HAN002 Hand & Body Lotion 150 ml Perfume R37
HAN002 Hand & Body Lotion 150 ml No perfume R57
HAN003 Hand Cream 75 ml Perfume R47
HAN004 Hand Cream 150ml No perfume R70
HEE001 Heel Balm (NP) 150ml R101
HEE002 Heel Balm (NP) 75 ml R67
LIP001 Lip Balm Orig/Mint/Rasp 15ml Perfume R31
LIP001 Lip Balm Orig/Mint/Rasp 15ml No perfume R31
NAI001 Nail & Cuticle Gel (NP) 15ml R40
SWE001 Sweet Feet 100ml Perfume R53
 Facial Care
Code Product Price Order
BAL001 Balancing Toner 100 ml No perfume R53
BAL004 Balancing Toner 200 ml R94
CLE002 Cleansing Cream (NP) 150 ml R86
CLE001 Cleansing Cream (NP) 50 ml R46
ENR001 Enriched Night Cream 50 ml No perfume R85
EYE001 Eye Cream (NP) 30 ml R59
EYE002 Eye Gel (NP) R48
FAC003 Facial Mask (NP) 50 ml R50
FAC002 Facial Wash 100 ml R53
FOA001 Foaming Cleanser (NP) 200 ml R65
MAT001 Mature 50 ml No perfume R105
MOI002 Moisturizer 150ml No perfume R91
MOI001 Moisturizer 50ml No perfume R47
MOI003 Moisturizing Day Cream 50ml No perfume R82
MOI004 Moisturizing Mask (NP) 50ml R53
NEC001 Neck Cream (NP) 50ml R79
REF001 Refining Scrub (NP) 50ml R63
REJ001 Rejuvenating Essence (NP) 50ml R117
SPO001 SpotLess Crème (NP) 50ml R89
TIS001 Tissue Oil (NP) 100ml R83
ULT001 Ultra Rich Night Cream 50 ml No perfume R84
VAN001 Vanishing Cream (NP) 50 ml R55
WRI001 Wrinkle-less Crème 50 ml No perfume R95
 Facial Trial Pack
Code Product Price Order
TRI005 Combination Skin (NP) box set R112
TRI002 Dry/Mature Skin (NP) Zip Bag R112
TRI003 Normal Skin (NP) Zip Bag R108
TRI004 Oily Skin (NP) Zip Bag R105
TRI001 Problem Skin (NP) Zip Bag R105
 Hair Care
Code Product Price Order
CON002 Nutri Hair Conditioner 250ml R84
SHA008 Shampoo Anti-Dandruff 200ml R61
SHA001 Shampoo Bitter 200ml R51
Code Product Price Order
COV003 Aloe Cover - Blossom 30ml R76
COV004 Aloe Cover - Bronze 30ml R76
COV005 Aloe Cover - Natural 30ml R76
EYE990 Eye Shadow Ivory (Single) ea R32
 Men's Den
Code Product Price Order
AFT002 After Shave Lotion 100ml No perfume R44
LIP002 Lip Balm Mint 15ml Perfume R31
LIP003 Lip Balm Raspberry 15ml No perfume R31
GEN999 Moisture 4 Him 150 ml R90
Code Product Price Order
PPR005 Eat Yourself Slim Eng/Afr R7
PPR005 Eet Jouself Slank: Afrikaans Eng/Afr R7
PPR006 Order Form Each R1
PPR007 Paper Bags 10 pack R10
PPR009 Product Guide Eng/Afr R1
PPR010 Product Manual Eng/Afr R16
 Pets Products
Code Product Price Order
RES01 Resist-a-Bug 300ml R47
PET001 Sham-Pet 300ml R61
 Sun care
Code Product Price Order
SUN003 Sun Care Lotion SPF 50 150 ml No perfume R129
SUN001 Sun Care Lotion SPF 50 75 ml Perfume R85
 Timeless anti-ageing
Code Product Price Order
AGE006 Night Cream 50 ml R79
Code Product Price Order
ALO001 Aloe Tea (loose tea) 65g R34
BIT004 Bitter Aloe Gel 100ml R78
BIT004a Bitter Aloe Gel 10 pack sachet R7
BIT006 Bitter Balm 50ml R51
MUS002 Muscle Gel 75 ml R72
SIN001 Si-Nose Drops 15ml R45
SUP002 Super Aloe Gel 75 ml R80
SUP002 Super Aloe Gel 150 ml R120
WHO005a Whole-leaf Gel 75 ml R83
WHO003 Whole-leaf Juice Mint 500ml R74
WHO002 Whole-leaf Juice Original 500ml R74
BAL003 X-Balm 50ml R46
Code Product Price Order
ADA001 Adam 60 caps R113
ALO333 Aloe Multi Plus 30 caps R84
BIT001 Bitter Crystals 20g R35
BIT001a Bitter Crystals 1 kg R190
POW01 Bitter Powder 20g R35
POW01a Bitter Powder 1 kg R190
BOD002 Body Basics 60 caps R136
CAL002 Calci-Boost 60 caps R98
BAL002 Circulate-it 60 caps R113
CLE003 Clever-4-Ever 30 caps R170
EVA001 Eva 60 caps R102
FAB003 Fabulous Fibre Bitter 90 caps R95
FAB002 Fabulous Fibre Bitter 90 tabs R95
GET001 Get-a-Grip 60 caps R103
JOI001 Joint Support 60 caps R125
NUT002 Nutri Hair R103
OME001 Omega 3 60 capsules R131
LOO001 Outlook 30 caps R100
RAD001 Radical Image 60 caps R122
VAL001 Val-u-Life 60 caps R100
VIT001 Vitamin C+ 60 Capsules R150
FIG001 Winter Fighter 30 caps R80

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