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Aloe Ferox Products
Our product range is developed from the Aloe Ferox plant which originates from South Africa. It grows wild and is harvested organically. The aloe is renowned for its rejuvenating, regenerating and healing properties. More...

 Besides the rejuvenating and healing properties of our Aloe Ferox products, Aloe4 offers you the full range at very affordable pricing.

The product range covers the needs of every member of the family from Mom and Dad to adolescents, teenagers, our senior citizens, babies and whoof (our pets). Whatever your need or concern may be, from anti-aging cosmetics, razor burn, weight loss, acne or nappy rash, we can assist you.

Possible uses of the aloe gel:

  Strengthens the skin
  Repairs elasticity
  Cell renewal
  Refines skin texture
  Burn wounds
  Skin cancer
  Varicose veins
  Swellings (sprains)
  Painful muscles
  Cracked hands, foot soles

Aloe sooths and rejuvenates all types of skin.

We now offer you a complete range of Aloe based products for overall body wellness and skin care.

 More about our products...

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Aloe Ferox
What is the difference between Aloe ferox and Aloe Vera?

Aloe ferox is the botanical name of a plant that is indigenous to the South Eastern part of South Africa. Aloe Vera is the botanical name of a plant that is cultivated in various areas in the the USA. These two aloes are the two species that have been identified as the best for commercial use in cosmetics and wholesomeness products. The gel of the two aloes have very similar properties and are used for similar purposes. However, Aloe ferox has almost 10 x more bitter sap. This sap has been used traditionally for detoxification and has been found to have anti viral, anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Aloe ferox is a robust plant and is harvested in the wild which means that it contains no herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers.

Medicinal uses

Aloe herb plant is very effective in healing many diseases and has been found to be very beneficial because it is characterized by medicinal elements. Because of this, the plant has been termed as a miracle plant. As you read this article be ready to learn how to use Aloe to heal a number of disorders and how to make your own remedies at home from Aloe in order to cure your disease.

Use Aloe gel to heal wounds, burns and grazes

When you apply this gel around the wounds or burns, it speeds up the healing process and making shorter that if you used drugs. This is because Aloe gel comprises of enzymes and elements that are provocative and which help the wounds regains its skin very fast and within a short time.

Use Aloe to stop constipation

Squeeze the gel from Aloe, consume this gel. The Aloe gel when consumed will help in fighting stomach related disorders like stomachaches, heartburns, constipations, poor digestion. This is because Aloe contains enzymes that minimize irritation.

Manage parasites in the intestine

Aloe is said to contain elements that help to fight worms in the intestine. A consistency consumption of Aloe is beneficial in fighting and stopping the parasites from inhibiting the intestine.

Humidify the skin by the help of Aloe

Aloe is effective in humidifying the skin. It also is responsible for ensuring that the skin is brought to a healing incase of any damages that may have resulted from something that came into contact with i.e. bruises from cuts, bites from mosquitoes etc.

Control diabetes using Aloe

You can use the saps from Aloe which don’t have moisture to cure diabetes. Aloe is being used in the Arabian Peninsula where a test was conducted among five people who had diabetes. After the test, it was discovered that the states of healthy of all the people that were done the test became better. There is also another experiment that was done on mice and revealed well out comes.

To reduce the pain that is caused by hemorrhoids, use Aloe

Aloe works just aspirin in reducing pain. Take the Aloe, squeeze it to produce some juice, apply this juice around the anal canal areas that are infected.

These are some of the uses of Aloe for herbal remedies; there are many other uses of Aloe especially for natural treatments.
Mayo Clinic
The world renowned Mayo Clinic states:

"Transparent gel from the pulp of the meaty leaves of Aloe has been used topically for thousands of years to treat wounds, skin infections, burns, and numerous other dermatologic conditions. Dried latex from the inner lining of the leaf has traditionally been used as an oral laxative.

There is strong scientific evidence in support of the laxative properties of aloe latex, based on the well-established cathartic properties of anthroquinone glycosides (found in aloe latex). There is promising preliminary support from laboratory, animal, and human studies that topical aloe gel has immunomodulatory properties that may improve wound healing and skin inflammation."


Dr Emily Kane
In, Dr Emily Kane writes:

Aloe is a succulent cactus-like plant, is famous for its remarkable ability to cool a burn, but its soothing powers can also douse the internal flames that cause heartburn. In fact aloe juice may be the best treatment for heartburn. But first, here's why this herb deserves a top spot on your supplement list.

Aloe's Secret Ingredients

The healing aspects of aloe come from the herb's ingredients, including enzymes, amino acids, minerals and a sugar called glucomannan, the latter of which is available at health food stores in capsules and liquids.

A long-chain sugar molecule composed of glucose and mannose, glucomannan is thought to have anti-inflammatory and antiviral actions in humans. Researchers suspect the compound interferes with virus replication and/or alters a process involved in the development of infection. Researchers at Tokyo Women's Medical College have shown that certain proteins in aloe gel may stimulate the production of killer cells, which are naturally occurring white blood cells that defend against bacteria and other immune system threats.

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